New Levels & More Balancing

A few more upcoming balance changes that’ll be released in update:

New Building Levels
Archer Tower level 17

Upgrade cost: 12,000,000 Gold
Upgrade time: 12d
DPS: 122
HP: 1430
Cannon level 17

Upgrade cost: 12,000,000 Gold
Upgrade time: 12d
DPS: 132
HP: 1740

New Troop Levels
When we posted the new Game Economy changes, many astute observers noticed the changes to the Witch levels starting at TH10. And as you might’ve guessed, we’re adding a new level to the Witch at TH12. Furthermore, we’re also adding a new level to Hog Rider and Ice Golem. The new stats can be found below:

Witch Level 5

Laboratory Level 10
Upgrade cost: 200,000 Dark Elixir
Upgrade time: 14d
DPS: 180
HP: 480
Training cost: 275 Dark Elixir
Max summoned units: 14
Training time: 3m

Hog Rider Level 9

Laboratory level 10
Upgrade cost: 240,000 Dark Elixir
Upgrade time: 14d
DPS: 161
HP: 920
Training cost: 120 Dark Elixir
Training time: 45s

Ice Golem Level 5

Laboratory level 10
Upgrade cost: 200,000 Dark Elixir
Upgrade time: 14d
DPS: 40
HP: 3400
Training cost: 300 Dark Elixir
Freeze time when destroyed: 7 seconds
Training time: 3m

Game Balancing
We’re also introducing a round of balancing to a few units in this update!

Ice Golem

When the Ice Golem takes fatal damage, it releases a potent Freeze Spell that can be pretty devastating to attacks or defenses, depending on its role. Because of this unique utility, we’re introducing a re-balance to the Ice Golem that will change how its Freeze Spell functions depending on whether it’s being used offensively or defensively.

a) Freeze Spell changes for “defensive” Ice Golem:

Level 1: 4s reduced to 2.5s
Level 2: 4.75s reduced to 2.75s
Level 3: 5.5s reduced to 3s
Level 4: 6.25s reduced to 3.25s
Level 5: 3.5s
b) Freeze Spell changes for “offensive” Ice Golem:

Freeze radius increased by 36% for all levels.
What does it mean? If you’re using Ice Golems in your Clan Castle for defensive purposes, the Freeze Spell duration will be shortened. If you are using Ice Golems for attacking, the original Freeze Spell duration is used and the radius has been increased by 36%.
Tornado Trap

The vortex duration of each Tornado Trap level has been reduced.

Level 1: 6s reduced to 5s
Level 2: 8s reduced to 6s
Level 3: 10s reduced to 7s
What does it mean? If your attacking units get caught in the Tornado Trap, the amount of time they’re trapped in the swirling vortex of doom will be reduced depending on the level of the Trap the defending base has. Therefore, your troops will spend less time twirling around and more time spreading destruction against your foes!
Wall Breakers and Bomb Trap

Everyone’s favorite ballistic bag of bones is getting a slight HP increase from levels 5-8, but also the damage for Bomb traps will be increased at levels 7 and 8.

Wall Breaker HP:

Level 5: 42 → 53
Level 6: 54 → 72
Level 7: 62 → 82
Level 8: 70 → 92
Bomb damage:

Level 7: 63 → 72
Level 8: 72 → 92
What does it mean? More boom for your buck. ‘Nuff said.

Builder Base
We’ve got a couple balance changes for the Builder Base that’ll be going into this update as well.

Giant Cannon

The Giant Cannon will no longer hit the Battle Machine multiple times and cause massive amounts of damage. It will do the listed amount of damage to the Battle Machine.

What does it mean? Your Battle Machine will last even longer in the face of the Giant Cannon, and will no longer succumb to taking huge damage.
Battle Machine

The Battle Machine’s regeneration time has been reduced to match the training time of your Training Camps.

What does it mean? Your Battle Machine will be ready even faster than ever, allowing you to attack sooner!

A Dark Quality of Life Improvement
As a final touch on today’s announcement, we’re adding a dark mode to the multiplayer matchmaking screen – in other words: a new option to darken the clouds screen.
This new “dark clouds” mode will reduce the brightness of the clouds, making them a bit easier on the eyes; especially if you’re playing in a dark room or if you’re feeling especially photosensitive to bright, white lights.

To enable this dark mode, simply go to Settings > More Settings > Use Dark Clouds in Home Village.

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